Elopements & Small Weddings



In simple settings, the love and personality of my clients shine the brightest.



Swearing unity between yourself and one person for all eternity is one of the most beautiful things you can do. The intensity of that act causes emotions come forth like a waterfall. I love capturing those waterfalls of emotion on wedding days. I want to focus on you & your future spouse. Your raw emotions. Your deep affection. Your nervous laughs and excitement.


That’s what I delight to capture most on wedding days. And I sure do love to get creative with the environment & light around me.

I’m excited to connect with you and portray the beauty of your relationship! Fill out the little form below!

Check out my wedding packages in the Prices page for your viewing pleasure.




Q & A

  • Do you photograph bigger weddings?

    I LOVE photographing intimate weddings or elopements. The whole vibe of the day is just different and allows space for the couple to relax and open up, while I have the space to get creative and take beautiful photos. BUT I still shoot larger weddings! It is definitely possible to have a larger wedding, and still have an intimate feel. In this case, I just like to talk to the couple about steps they can take to make space for themselves that day. And I always recommend purchasing a second shooter for the larger weddings!


  • Do you use a shot-list or Pinterest Boards?

    I always need and require a shot list of family member photos! Other than that, I prefer to capture the day as it unfolds using my creativity. If there is a special photo you want with a great aunt/etc, definitely tell me! But no long photo shot lists. I love Pinterest for inspiration. But I do not ever use Pinterest as a guide to copy. If you like a certain shot you see on Pinterest, lets talk about it! We will find a way to make it reflect your unique relationship and wedding day.


  • Lets say I choose you, then what?

    1. First of all, YAY!       2. Second, we would meet together for coffee or a walk at a nice park and talk about your day, your vision, and just get to know each other! I really want to create a meaningful relationship with you!       3. Next, once we find the perfect wedding package for you, I create a contract which you would sign online. Upon signing the contract, I require a $500 retainer to save your wedding day!       4. You can pay the rest of the price in increments up until the week of the wedding, or you can pay the rest of the price that week of the wedding.        5. We nail down a date for the engagement shoot. *** FYI I offer FREE engagement shoots with ALL of my wedding packages!*** Yay!    6. In the months leading up to your wedding we communicate about the shooting schedule, and nail down the details until the big day!

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