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I’m all about adventure and creativity.

Running to the top of a hill to catch that last ray of sunlight, standing on the edge of a waterfall for an epic view, using interesting light to cast intimate shadows in a photograph. I love all of that.

But what I love more is creating moments that matter.

Moments that have you breathless. Moments where your stomach is full of butterflies. Moments where your eyes fill of tears at the glory of the person next to you.

I believe photos are altars of remembrance.

This is why my goal is to facilitate a photography experience that is full of peace and moments of connection that last long after the wedding day.

The photos you receive from me after your day will be brimming with more meaning than any other photographs you could receive, because they will be connected to a moment that had you stopped in time.

If this sounds like something you want out of your wedding photographer, I would be so honored to work with you. Let’s connect! Fill out the little form below to get started.


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