The Porter Family

This has to be the coolest outdoor family I know. Matt and Sandefur are both skilled outdoorsmen and both have jobs in the outdoor adventure/exercise business. They have such a sweet love for each other and have been rocking this new parenting lifestyle.

I am so in love with this session, the natural light, the intimate breastfeeding photos, and the unity you feel between this little family.

I thought I’d give a couple of tips for any small families out there wanting to know how to help prep for an amazing shoot like this:


3 tips to set up the perfect family photoshoot:


  1. Be a Student of Light

    One of the things I always tell my clients, is to pay attention where and when the light shows up in your house. Is it shining through your window in your kitchen in the mornings? Or does it look the most dreamy during the sunset in your bedroom? Knowing this will help you and your photographer find the best time for the shoot, and the best location in your home for intimate and beautiful photos. Do you happen to live in a dungeon? Be a student of the light in your backyard and in your neighborhood! Sandefur and Matt knew that at 8AM the light shines gorgeously into their room through their large window.

  2. The Baby is Boss

    You may be the boss over your child, but during a photoshoot, the script is flipped! The reason is simple: we need a happy baby in order to have good photos and make sure everyone has an awesome time! The last thing you need is to feel stressed or rushed on photoshoot day. If your baby is ever hungry or tired, we give them what they need and continue the shoot after baby is happy! Baby-centered photoshoots are my jam!

  3. Don’t Shy Away From Breastfeeding Photos!

    Not only does breast feeding (or bottle feeding, etc) address tip #2 by keeping the baby happy, it also creates opportunities for INCREDIBLE moments of intimacy and unity. I loved capturing those precious moments where baby Silas reached his hands up to touch his moms face while feeding. And my all time favorite photos are the ones where dad is involved. It’s such sacred thing to capture as a family.


Hope you enjoyed those 3 tips! If you have any questions or comments, use the contact form on the bottom of the page. Enjoy these lovely photos 🙂


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