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I grew up in a tightly knit family. My two sisters and I are best friends for life, and we constantly get emotional when we talk about our bond. I feel like weddings are a celebration of family bonds. It highlights the emotional, physical, and spiritual support that got the bride & groom to where they are. Sometimes I truly feel like weddings are not only celebrating the bride & groom, but the family and friends who have walked with them through life.

Carolina & Gino’s wedding definitely highlighted those friend and family bonds. So many tears were shed. MANY speeches were given praising the maturity, love, and faithfulness of the couple. The reception was one heck of a party; celebrating the beauty of two rejoiced lives coming together.

My absolute favorite part of the wedding was the dancing. This was a Colombian wedding, and I am Colombian. So when Carolina and her sister took the dance floor with a traditional Colombian song, I almost lost it. There was so much rejoicing that night, and a ton of skill on the dance floor.

Confession: I cannot dance. Maybe thats why I enjoy photographing receptions. I love it when everyone is having a blast dancing. I live vicariously through the good dancers, haha!

Carolina & Gino’s wedding was so intimate, colorful, and emotional. All my favorite things about a wedding. I was so thankful to play a part of this special moment in their lives.

Enjoy a few of my favorite shots from the day 🙂



Getting Ready



At the church altar, the lights from the stage created beautiful unplanned lights on the side of the walls. It created such a magical composition.


Post Ceremony Portraits

Carolina & Gino are so sweet and loving to each other. The way they honored and respected each other was so humbling.




Lavender, Lemon, Limes.

The details were dreamy, peaceful, and romantic.




My favorite part of the day 🙂




Carolina and her sister dancing below. Here’s were I nearly lost it.


Blissful Bride


Joyful Exit


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