About Me & Contact

My name is Crystal Anne

I’ve had a passion for photography since my high school years. When I hit college, I began working as a photographer for the college newspaper. Afterwards I used my skills to document weddings, portraits, and exciting trips abroad. I’ve been incredibly blessed to capture the beauty of people and places that I encounter along the way.

My favorite kind of photoshoot is a one-on-one session where I get to connect with my client. I seek lasting relationships with my clients and desire to portray the beauty of who they are.


Some more about me:


  • I spent the first few years of my life in Colombia, South America. I like to think that’s where my love for color, life, and art come from.
  • One of my favorite places I’ve traveled to is Ghana. My lifelong dream came true there when I walked through the canopy of a rainforest.
  • I also randomly have a degree in sociology. I merge my passions for social justice and photography here :  www.releasethewomen.com
  • Family is so important to me. I have two sisters; we look like triplets together. And I have a creative and loving husband. I love the family community we have.

I’d love to meet you and get creative with you! Let’s Talk!

photo by Caleb Timmerman

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