My name is Crystal Anne

I’ve been using a camera as an outlet for creativity and beauty for over seven years now, and began channeling that outlet towards a full time business about three years ago. My camera has been to Africa, Eastern Europe, and South and Central America and North America’s South East to document adventures and weddings.

Through the years I’ve grown in the knowledge that photography must be more than simply capturing beauty. For me, it needed to be based in a desire for meaning, and result in a deeper connection.

In every photoshoot I do, I desire to cultivate moments of connection and meaning, leaving whoever is involved more empowered and whole.

If you want beautiful photos, and an experience to deepen connection to yourself, your family, or significant other, then I’m the photographer for you.


Some more about me:

  • I spent the first few years of my life in Colombia, South America. I like to think that’s where my love for color, life, and art come from.
  • One of my favorite places I’ve traveled to is Ghana. My lifelong dream came true there when I walked through the canopy of a rainforest.
  • I have a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology. I merge my passions for social justice, empowering women, and photography here :
  • Family is so important to me. I have two sisters that look just like me. And I have an amazing, creative, and loving husband with long curly blonde hair.

I’d love to get to know a bit about you now. Let’s Talk!


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