Intimate, small wedding in the woods in North Georgia. This couple chose to have a meaningful wedding focusing on their love and the simplicity of the nature around them.

This couple is nothing short of stunning. Alicia and Clay’s love shone brightly at their meaningful ceremony at the Georgia wedding venue In The Woods. Their wedding was just as spirit-filled, and magical as their love.

Alicia and Clay both had very specific qualifications for their future spouse. In fact, Alicia’s parents were worried she was too picky. But Clay fit every single thing that she knew her husband would have. Even down to their favorite flower. As their parents said in their speeches, Alicia and Clay were truly meant to be together. It seems so obvious that they were set apart for each other from the beginning of time. 

I LOVED this beautiful day and capturing Alicia and Clay’s most precious moments. I feel so honored, and so pleased to share these photos!

getting ready


wedding bliss

venue details


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