I’ve always thought traveling with kids would be hard. But, as I’ve come to find out, it’s mainly just VERY different than the way I used to travel. On a recent trip to the beach with my 2 month old, it took us 9 hours rather than the regular 5 it usually takes. That might sound horrible to my friends without kids. But I’ve realized that mentally preparing for the breaks and slower speed makes all the difference in the world.

Traveling with small kids means slowing down. Which is actually the best way to travel. When you slow down, you can soak up more of your surroundings, pay more attention to the journey, and stop being so focused on itineraries.
I know very few people who dare to travel with kids, and my new friend Anna is one of them! She and her husband have taken their 3 children all around the world it seems. Anna is from the Philippines, so they have traveled there many times to visit family. And her husband Daniel lived overseas during his time with the Peace Corps. They have the travel bug pretty bad and have definitely instilled a love for it in their children.

They recently just made the big move from San Fran to Atlanta! Of course, they had to explore the mountainous terrain that Georgia offers, and the perfect place to begin was Cloudland Canyon State Park.

Anna and I totally bonded over #momlife, and I was so intrigued on how she was able to completely rock traveling with kids.
She admitted to me that it’s a lot tougher when you’ve got a toddler on your hands! “Travel now while your baby is small”, she said, “It’s harder when they start running around!” haha. I definitely take her word for it.
We had such a fun time exploring the trail and splashing in the waterfall. The only annoying part was the many flights of stairs you have to take to get to the falls! They are definitely doable, just slightly more challenging with a toddler on your back 😉
Of course, at every family session I make it a point to get romantic portraits of mom and dad. These just happened to be extra dreamy.
The park offers so many different lodging options, and they chose the coolest one : a yurt. Before I left for the evening we made sure to take some cool shots of them enjoying some yurt magic.
  Obviously, I am a huge advocate for getting family photos done at some point during a fun adventure like this. Why, you ask? Welll…. 1. You’re already in a beautiful setting, which makes the photos that much cooler.  2. It’s a way to get out of the house and capture your family dynamic in a new wild and beautiful environment.  3. It lightens the pressure off of you to use your phone/camera to capture all the memories. Once you get these professional photos, you can focus more on the moment.
Get out there this Fall, slow down with your family, and make some magical memories together. Thank you to Anna for your kindness, friendship, and choosing me to photograph for you! It was such an honor and a huge blast!

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