The best part about doing “lifestyle photography” is capturing people who’s everyday life is as romantic and magical as the books. That can be rare to find. But Cristina and Rafael have a relationship that fit this description. Being around them makes you hopeful and joyful all at once.

This shoot was meant to capture their everyday, and extraordinary life. It was a mix of an in-home and outdoor photoshoot, following a similar routine they would follow in a regular day.

They love to dancing in the kitchen together, drinking good coffee, reading together, snuggling with their puppy Lucy, and going on sunset walks to Piedmont Park. Everything they do full of a genuine joy that overflows into the sound of their laughter.

This photoshoot was a celebration of their 5 year anniversary. I was so honored to have captured the special memories of their lives here in Atlanta. Their relationship is one of the most magical and genuine relationships I know, and it inspires me!

An Anniversary Done Right

There are so many amazing things you could invest in to celebrate your anniversary, but I truly believe that booking a photographer to celebrate is the smartest and most meaningful gift you could give each other. Need a numbered list to convince you? Here you go 🙂

  1. Capture milestones in your marriage in order to look back on it in a few years. Cristy and Raf knew that their apartment life in the city would last only for a little while longer. They wanted to have a tangible way to remember this special season of their lives. Now they will have this sweet reminder of their favorite times in the city.
  2. Make a list of your favorite activities together and focus the shoot around it. Your list might look a little different than dancing in the kitchen or reading. Everyone is unique. That’s what makes your relationship so meaningful. Basing a shoot around your favorite activities will also most likely capture you both at your most natural state and result in gorgeous natural and candid photos.
  3. Your kids and grandkids will thank you.  Photos like these are not just for you. They are moments in time that your family will love to see. It’s a way of leaving a legacy of love behind for your children. They will be able to see how you lived, and how you loved.



















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