“I want these to be intimate … I want my kids to see these photos when they get older and know that their mom and dad really liked each other. “

These past few weeks I’ve embarked on a new journey to model my business after my life virtues. Specifically peace and connection. 

When I told the Instagram world that I needed “guinea pigs” to test my new direction, Amy and Byron immediately joined in. They wanted to do something unique and special for themselves. They have four adorable children, and plenty of beautiful family photos from me, but were lacking in portraits of just themselves.

So, a week before Valentine’s Day we set out to explore Sope Creek and get adventurous.

I tested all my new methods on them. Methods to get them to focus on each other and their relationship.

Things got really beautiful and intimate.

I am so excited to continue learning how to make each shoot I do more meaningful. Less about the photoshoot itself, more about fostering connections.

Here is the result from Amy & Byron:


Posted by:Crystal Anne Downs

I am a professional photographer and unprofessional sociologist pursuing creative outlets that lead to beauty, social justice, and peace in this world.

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