Canyon Goddess

“I want to reconnect with nature and myself.” Those words are like music to my ears. Jessica, my friend from college, said this to me as we talked about her upcoming photoshoot.

She and I had travelled together to Ghana. During that trip she was so full of joy, fun, and adventure! Jessica explained to me that after graduating and working a full time office job, she felt disconnected from nature and her true self. So this photoshoot was going to be a time to reconnect.

This is honestly what I dream of shooting all the time. People who want to connect with themselves and with nature.

I am so thankful to have gone on this fun adventure with my old friend! We ran through the maze-like canyon, got sidetracked a few times, and kept shooting until dusk.

In the end, we wound up with some really powerful photos that portray her confidence, sense of adventure, and badassery (this word exists in my dictionary).

Enjoy these gorgeous photos.

Location: Providence Canyon

Romper: Hippie Kids, Wine Lace Canyon Romper

Dress: Dress Up



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