Celebration Photos

In a tiny forest of bushes, under a cloudy sky, and with the melody of singing birds, I captured the joy of the George family.

It was baby Adalind’s 9 month celebration! She is Kyle and Amanda’s first child and they are loving this new adventure. We had so much fun shooting these photos and capturing Adalind’s adorable smile. The George’s are so easy to work with. I love it when clients trust me creatively, and the George’s trust me wholeheartedly. It is awesome!

The George’s have explained to me that IPhone photos are fine, but they desire to have these special landmarks captured by a professional photographer. This is their beautiful way of celebrating her life, remembering the little things, and commemorating this time in their lives which they know will fly by way to quickly.

For the last few photos by the Japanese Maple tree, I had Kyle and Amanda think about times they’ve been most proud of each other during this new parenting season. I loved capturing their intimate conversation and how they both appreciated each others hard work.

I love working with this genuine family. And I’m so happy with the way their celebration photos turned out.


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