Chattanooga is the perfect place to get inspired. All of the architecture & nature is so exquisite. I’ve been in a bit of a creativity rut recently. So I attended the Chattanooga chapter of Creative Mornings with my old friend from college.

The message at Creative Mornings was simple: start doing work that you enjoy, and start seeing your projects as performances. When you place too much importance/heaviness on your projects, stress levels rise incredibly high. But if you can see what you do as a fun piece of performance art, the stress level goes way down.

So, afterwards, Caleb and I drove a couple of minutes north to Cumberland trial and practiced what we learned.

Shooting for yourself is almost like the lifeblood for photographers who have been at it for a while. It brings the joy and inspiration back into what we do.

I’m thankful to have revamped my inspiration. I’m going to try to do some more personal projects in the future! Keep an eye out 🙂



Posted by:Crystal Anne Downs

I am a professional photographer and unprofessional sociologist pursuing creative outlets that lead to beauty, social justice, and peace in this world.

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