The other night, my sisters and I watched “To Catch a Thief” with Carry Grant and Grace Kelly. I absolutely loved it. The plot was the cute, cheesy, romantic comedy material you would expect. But what really captured my interest was the way it was filmed. The movie was almost completely composed of wide shots of rolling hills, captured in the bright sun, basking in bright colors.

The style is so different from anything I’m used to. I always feel like I need to wait for the “golden hour” to take photos. Tori and I recently explored an Apple Orchard in North Georgia. The sun was heavy over heads as we took a few portraits and explored the path along the trees.

I’m really pleased with the result. And I feel like the movie has inspired my style to expand so much more. The harsh light in the middle of the day is actually fun to work with. I’m ready to try more shoots like this!

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I am a professional photographer and unprofessional sociologist pursuing creative outlets that lead to beauty, social justice, and peace in this world.

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