Magic and Housekeeping

I appeal especially to all who keep house concerning the size of troubles that suffices to hide work and face of God.

– George Macdonald

I had the immense pleasure of taking the Warnocks’ family photos a few weeks ago. I enjoyed capturing their candid love as a family.

This family has been an inspiration to me and have been a great example. They daily walk in the power Holy Spirit, and they are so very open about the difficulties of parenting. Raising children is no easy job.

In this season of my life, I am nannying and taking photos. Nannying is so draining, as I imagine parenting is as well. I continue to find inspiration from the Warnocks as they refuse to let the trivialities of daily life and work to keep them from the life and power that are available in Jesus.

That quote from George Macdonald continues to inspire me as well. The laundry, the dishes, nap time, and tantrums can so easily hide “work and face of God”. But I dare not let it.

Rather, in the midst of the normality and chaos, I have the honor and privilege of tapping into the beauty and magic of Jesus.


Here are the beautiful faces of the Warnock’s. Thank you Fernanda and Jason for being beautiful and transparent souls. It’s a privilege to know you.

_MG_8727 - Copy_MG_8518_MG_8792_MG_8558_MG_8740 - Copy_MG_8789_MG_8786_MG_8756_MG_8749 - Copy_MG_8748 - Copy_MG_8711 - Copy_MG_8710 - Copy_MG_8696_MG_8690 - Copy_MG_8683_MG_8673_MG_8642_MG_8634 - Copy - Copy_MG_8633 - Copy - Copy_MG_8632 - Copy_MG_8624 - Copy_MG_8567 - Copy





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