Falls and Vineyards

Friendships are beautiful things. You get to experience God’s creativity and faithfulness in a fresh way through another set of eyes. I’ve been blessed to have spent the last few months learning and exploring with Cristina Elena. A friendship with her has allowed me to grow in photography and to be encouraged in adventure and in spirit.

A few weeks ago we decided we both needed an adventure. We headed out to Toccoa Falls and spent the car ride immersed in the kind of talk that inspires the heart. On our way we saw some beautiful vineyards and decided we should stop on our way back.

When we arrived to the fall, all of our Pocahontas fantasies came true. Colorful trees, a beautiful creek, and a tall waterfall. I wanted to try and capture Cristina’s identity as best I could. And her free spirit, passion of adventure, and heart of love totally shown through.

We were really satisfied with our adventure, but on our way back, the Lord led us to a random vineyard that was SO much bigger than the one we saw on the road. It was completely magical. We ran up and down the rows of grapes full of joy!

God loves surprising us with things. I think he loves to reveal his love to us through sweet friends, and small magical adventures.

I’m so grateful.

And thank you Cristina for allowing me to take these photos of you!

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