This past weekend I went to Rome, Georgia for a beautiful French/Southern wedding.
The couple, Xavier and Brooklyn, have such an interesting story.
They were living in New York when they met. She has a southern drawl, while he has a STRONG French accent.
I think its the most beautiful thing when two people can make a strong connection and union despite cultural barriers. This was so clear in Xavier and Brooklyn’s relationship and in the relationship between their two families.
This wedding was a combination of the cultures. SO many French family and friends traveled all the way from France or from  New York to attend this wedding.

French dance, drinks, and accents were everywhere. I felt like I was in Paris.

The reception was so much FUN! The older relatives danced their socks off. They danced especially hard to the cool French pop songs. I’m ready to go to France now!

I love helping out Cristina Elena for this wedding, and I am so excited to continue to collaborate with her! Check her out at

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