Adam Downs’ great grandfather hitchhiked from coast to coast  as a pencil salesman in the 1920’s.

Adam has always wanted to hitchhike. “Ever since I learned that about my grandfather, I knew I needed to do the same thing.” This summer, he and Easton Dennis decided to make that dream a reality.

After two weeks of preparing, they actually hitchhiked across America in only five days.


Adam and Easton created an Instagram account called @adventureabides to share their adventures and inspire people along the way.



After many crazy adventures later, they reached their destination at the West Coast and began to hitchhike to Colorado where they met up with their friends for a road trip.


On one of their posts, they said  “True adventure isn’t planned. Trust and respond. See where He takes you!” It was amazing hearing all of the people they met and all the places they went. They couldn’t have planned it. They just trusted and abided in Jesus.


I am super proud that these two are my friends! It is truly amazing to be surrounded by people who trust the Lord fully and in every circumstance. Like they said “Take a chance, trust a stranger, make a friend, but its not the stranger you’re trusting- Its the Lord. Let him flow through you!”

Follow @adventureabides on Instagram! Get inspired. Go on your own adventure, and abide in Jesus. That is the greatest adventure.


Also here is proof that I am dating Adam Downs. Am I lucky or what? Yea I’d say so.

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I am a professional photographer and unprofessional sociologist pursuing creative outlets that lead to beauty, social justice, and peace in this world.

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  1. Hey Easton What a witness you all are!! I enjoyed the trip with you guy’s…..your doing some amazing disciplining!….God is working in you and through you….I am checking out your awesome site now…..your Friend in Christ…..sincerely Hey Easton! I enjoyed the trip with you guy’s…..your doing some amazing witnessing!….remember to check out the Book of Job….God is working in you and through you….I am checking out your site next😊…..your Friend in Christ…..sincerely Weston Babbitt

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