The two days leading up to my flight to Kosovo can only be described as a trust fall off of a very high cliff. As soon as I stepped up to the edge, I knew that God had been preparing me to jump for a very long time.

For those that don’t know, I had been planning on arriving in Kosovo on March 2nd. But I was feeling so uneasy about being at home for another month. I felt like I was ready to be in Kosovo. It wasn’t really the eagerness for travel that made me uneasy, as much as it was a calm knowing that it was my time to be in a new place. A place that God had been preparing for me.

He had already prepped my heart, in teaching me to trust him with the little money I had, and in teaching me to trust the richness of his heart.

Then on a Wednesday morning, a month early, Elizabeth asked me if I could leave in two days. They needed someone to meet the Kosovar students in Frankfurt and take them to Kosovo. The next 48 hours were filled with insanity. I was calling airlines, saying goodbye to beautiful people, getting prayed over, rebooking flights that were unexpectedly cancelled, and packing everything into one carryon.

Throughout it all, Jesus made a way for me to save money instead of lose it. At each airport I went through (4 in total) I found my gates and didn’t get lost (which I usually do). I found the kiddos and arrived with them safely to a snowy, magical Kosovo.

The entire time I felt the Holy Spirit’s beautiful peace.

I loved being pushed to the edge of a cliff. It gave me a chance to swan-dive off and fall into beautiful places I never experienced with the Lord. I remember thinking “resting my entire life upon God is the safest feeling I’ve ever felt.”

So here I am. It’s been a week. And it has mainly been filled with me getting over jet-lag (which is killer). But I feel so honored to be here. I’ve been living in Elizabeth’s apartment, hanging at her english classes, getting to know Berat and Valdete and the students, hiking beautiful mountains, and starting to learn Albanian.

At first I was stressed thinking about what sort of work I should be doing here, etc. But the Lord has been so clear to my heart that I am here to continue resting my entire life upon him. It’s been a great adventure in the everyday little things as well as in the exciting exploring I get to do.

Regardless of where I am, whether its falling off the edge of a cliff or standing at the top of a Kosovar mountain, I am so secure. This God of the Universe, he is someone whom I cannot understand fully, yet reveals himself to me. He is someone in whom all good and perfect things are free and plentiful. He is someone in whom I can rest my whole life upon with joy.

Here are some photos of our excursion to the town of Prizren. This is my all time favorite place to go. The town was conquered by the Turks in 1454 and became a launching pad for the Ottoman Empire. We took a two hour hike up to the top of a castle and around behind the mountain back to Prizren. It was one of the most beautiful hikes I’ve done!


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