Its true. I’m really here.

I’m at a Starbucks in Kennesaw, GA. I don’t know whether to cry, or to just sit here. I think I’ll just sit here and swim in this whirlpool of emotions. Oprah says to “steep my soul” on my cup sleeve so that’s what I will do.

I’ve found a culture and a worldview that I never knew existed. It is something so foreign yet so familiar to my heart. Africa is said to be the birthplace of all humanity, and I think it has caused dreams to be reborn in me. The dreams are saturated with a deep insatiable desire for exploration and adventure, for human empowerment in the discovery of true identity, and for the waters that bring healing to the nations.

I feel as if every breath I’ve breathed, every relationship I’ve been a part of, and every experience I’ve had since birth has led me to this moment. And it is leading me to my final moment. Its all been intentional. I have been pushed and formed into my true identity just as a crystal is excavated from the dirt and shaped in to its final geometric form.

I have received so many prophecies and words of wisdom from amazing people throughout my life. I have received personal dreams and words from Jesus myself. And EVERY SINGLE ONE has come true and is coming true.

I LOVE being a part of His Kingdom and His love. I feel an urgency as well as a knowing patience. I feel His heart beating in my chest, and I feel alive.

Although I am undergoing the painful process of post-trip mood swings, my soul and spirit remain firm and unmoved. My life has been built upon the rock. He is building a beautiful palace.

Let me encourage those of you who have many dreams and a love for the Lord. Your dreams are in you for a reason. HE WILL bring them to pass if they originated from his heart. He is so faithful.

Posted by:Crystal Anne Downs

I am a professional photographer and unprofessional sociologist pursuing creative outlets that lead to beauty, social justice, and peace in this world.

5 replies on ““steep your soul”-Oprah

  1. Crystal, while reading this, I could empathize with that feeling of a beating heart craving for exploration and adventure to make a difference in this world. Beautiful writing! Thanks for sharing this.

  2. I head home from a three month life changing experience as well in another country that has begun to feel like home. I am so not looking forward to the roller coaster of emotions! hang in there. thanks for sharing.

    1. Wow, yes that will be so hard! I’d love to hear about your trip! I pray that your roller-coaster of emotions will be healthy and not so horrible.

      So good to hear from you, Allison.

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